Because talking about yourself isn’t completely awkward…

Let’s see, I’m an LA and London-based theatre, film and voice-actress as well as part-time writer, and full-time dork. 

Sometimes I post things on Twitter when I understand how it works, and even then it intimidates me. I’m a masked vigilante on weekends. 

I have American/Swiss/French citizenship so I can work both in the states and the European Union which is pretty cool.

I studied Theatre at the University of Maryland, improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Monkey Butler, and am a proud company member of Theatre of N.O.T.E. in Hollywood. From voicing Sully, the knight nicknamed “The Woman to End All Men” in Nintendo’s  popular Fire Emblem series to filling badguys with arrows as the Marvel superhero Kate Bishop, I guess I’m known best for playing spunky and strong (and somewhat snarky) heroines, and have provided voices for video games, anime, animation, audiobooks and commercials.